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Experience the impossible and See WOW! Experience the impossible and See WOW!

Experience the impossible and See WOW! Experience the impossible and See WOW!

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Are you ready? We offer an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience with a handful of new, unexplored illusions!

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From corporate events to birthday parties, we will welcome and entertain everyone who is ready for a great time. Organize an unforgettable event among the most amazing illusions.

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Our interactive installations can be experienced through a pre-booked guided tour or can be explored at your own pace. Either way, be prepared to have your mind blown. Contact us for more details and get ready for an exhilarating adventure!

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What our visitors say

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Trevor Davenport Avatar
Trevor Davenport
This place is so much fun! Kids or couples alike this place is filled with cool displays and interactive stations. The employees are also great and always offered to take pictures - you have to make sure you're lined up on taking from the best spots. It took about 1-1.5 hours to move through the entire museum this last Sunday. Highly recommend! FYI educators are FREE and military get discounted tickets...
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Kristin Edwards Avatar
Kristin Edwards
Brought my 13 and 9 year old on a family vacation. Everyone LOVED it. Great photo ops, lots of laughs and so many exclamations of "no way!" I highly recommend you try the Museum of Illusions, you went be disappointed.
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everything alltime Avatar
everything alltime
Museum of Illusions: Bending Reality (and Sides Laughing) in Las Vegas Let's face it, Vegas is a place for losing your mind (and maybe your wallet) at the roulette table. But what if you want to lose your mind in a more delightful, illusion-filled way? Enter the Museum of Illusions: a place where reality takes a vacation and your Instagram feed explodes with mind-bending pics. This museum is like a giant funhouse for adults (and curious kids). You'll find yourself shrinking and growing in rooms, defying gravity with some questionable yoga poses (don't worry, nobody's judging... except maybe your future self in those photos), and wondering if your significant other actually has two heads (jury's still out on mine). The best part? The friendly staff. They're like illusionist cheerleaders, always ready to snap a pic of you defying the laws of physics (or at least looking like you are). They're basically the paparazzi of the paradox, ensuring you capture your most befuddled and hilarious expressions. So, is it worth it? Absolutely! It's a great way to spend an hour or two laughing, questioning your sanity, and capturing some truly unique photos. Just be warned, you might leave with a sore jaw from grinning so much. Tip: Don't eat a giant steak right before you go spinning through the vortex tunnel. Trust me on this one.
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Experience the impossible and See WOW! Experience the impossible and See WOW!

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